Best Online Poker Real Money Sites in Australia

Online Poker is a popular game when it comes to gambling in Australia. The game is based on making bets with your chips, which represent your wagered money. You can make bets based on the real or perceived value of your hand.

Top Poker Sites For Australian Players In 2021


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Video Poker Sites

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Online poker sites in Australia and across the globe have exploded in the last 20 years. Aussie players can enjoy various tournaments and top-rated online poker rooms. Even better, this can be done through a mobile device.

If you’re looking to play online poker in Australia, real money can be made. All you need is a smart strategy and some practice.

How We Choose the Best Online Poker Australia Sites

CasinoAus recognizes that Aussie players desire to play online. We are here to assure you that we have taken the time to recommend to you sites you will enjoy, are safe and have excellent games.

  • All online casinos are licensed and have top-of-the-line security
  • Have a fast payout speed
  • Have multiple deposit options and deposit methods
  • Contain a variety of exciting and engaging games
  • Have reliable customer service
  • Offer amazing welcome bonuses and promotions

The list we have put together showcases the best online poker Australia sites available for our Aussie players.

Online Poker Australia: Current Climate

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to playing on online poker in Australia. In 2001 The Interactive Gambling Act was passed surrounding poker legislation. It outlines restrictions and bans on the types of offerings by online gambling operators to Australian citizens. The law is targeted at operators and not players. Australians can access and use online casinos that offer online poker and other casino games.

While there is a ban on playing real money poker in Australia there are many international sites that serve Aussie players. Our team at CasinoAus has come up with all the information you need to know on how to play online poker in Australia.

Mobile Poker

mobile poker on smart phone

Benefits of playing mobile poker

Does playing your favourite games anytime, anywhere sound awesome? Well, now you can! With online mobile casinos becoming more popular you can take your games on-the-go. Most online casinos have optimized their websites for mobile playing. Convenience, quick access and the ease of having your favourite casino in your pocket appeals to many players.

Many online casinos reward their mobile players with mobile-specific promotions. Check all available promotions and bonuses on the website, so you don’t miss any deals!

Is it safe to play mobile poker?

Yes, it is! Whether you are playing through an app or an online casino’s website, keeping your personal information safe is a top priority. Casino apps have gone through a series of testing to ensure that they are safe to use. The same level of security measures applies to both desktop and mobile players.

Be aware that you should not download any apps or software from any third-parties.

Where can I find the best mobile casinos?

CasinoAus has compiled a list of the best online mobile casinos, click here to read reviews. 

How to Play Poker Online in Australia

online poker played on laptop

Although online poker Australia sites offer a plethora of adaptations, the basics stay the same.

  • If you are in a player-dealt game, the cards must be shuffled before they are dealt to each player.
  • Each player is given five random cards from the dealer.
  • Of these cards, a player can choose to keep or get rid of as many as they wish.
  • It is up to the player if they want to place bets during each round, such as check, fold or match bets.
  • You can announce the folding of your hand, which means that your hand is dead and you have effectively left that round.
  • The highest hand wins.

Remember, learning how to play online poker is not complex but mastery takes lots of practice. The more you play, the more you’ll comfortable you will become.

Poker Software

When playing Australian poker online you may need to download software. The casino you are playing at will tell you if you need software and will provide a link in to download it.

Depending on the device and system you are playing on, may determine whether or not you can play that particular game. Most online casinos are optimized for both Apple and PC products as well as mobile, and tablets. A great way to find information is by looking at online poker site reviews.

These reviews will let you see what kind of offerings and services are available to you. If you do have questions and cannot find the answer quickly reach out to the casino’s customer service staff.

Online Poker Australia Tips and Tricks for Aussie Players

poker hand, chips and table

While luck, always plays a part, skill and strategy play a much larger role when it comes to winning in online poker. By using a few tips and tricks you reduce the house edge and improve your odds. And more importantly, aid in winning you some Australian dollars.

Tip 1: Tip 1:
Familiarize yourself with the version and type of poker you are playing. The basic rules apply, but, remember, different games may have slight variations.
Tip 2: Tip 2:
Ensure you understand the changes and nuances between games. The better you understand the rules, the less likely you’ll lose out on real money. Every online poker site will have a detailed breakdown of the rules and plenty of examples.
Tip 3: Tip 3:
Learn what the winning combinations in online poker are. This will make sure that you keep the important cards and discard the others.

Tip 4: Tip 4:
Most online casinos available to Australian players will allow you to play free poker. Be sure to use this feature and get comfortable with the site before you commit and start playing with real money.

Tip 5: Tip 5:
It should be noted that playing free and playing for real money are different games. When real money is at stake Australian poker players tend to play tighter and become much more selective of the hands they play. This isn’t always the case with free online poker as players are a little more liberal with their stacks because there are no real consequences to losing.

Tip 6: Tip 6:
Our experts recommend that you hold cards that could be used to make a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind or two pairs.

Tip 7: Tip 7:
Discard all your cards if none of them seem like they’re going to help you win.

Tip 8: Tip 8:
If you’re holding a straight flush, do not break it in hopes of getting a flush, so if you have a 9, 10, J, Q, K don’t get rid of the 9 in hopes of getting an Ace.

Tip 9: Tip 9:

It’s a better strategy to hold on to a low pair of cards, rather than chase a single high card.

Traditional High Poker Hand Ranks

poker hand types graphic

Poker Glossary

Betting is done in clockwise order. If a table does not yet have a wager the betting may begin.
A player can only call if there has been a bet on the current round. Calling consists of matching the current bet made by other players.
If there has not been a wager yet made, a player may check.
If there has been a bet on the current round, a player may raise. Raising consists of a player matching the current bet and then adding to it.
Bet Max
Play the game while betting the maximum amount.
Refers to the money placed in the prize pool. May also be referred to as ‘the kitty.’
Refers to the money placed in the prize pool. Refers the moment a player announces and wagers all of their available chips into the ‘play, for that round.
A name that refers to a two, which is acting as a Wild.
Multi-Hand Poker
A game of video or online poker where players get dealt more than one hand per round.
A table that gives players a list of possible payouts in the game.
A card that is capable of standing in for other cards to create a winning combination.
A forced wager placed by players on the left side of the dealer.
To close your hand, and forfeit the rest of the round.
The total bets (money) wagered by players during a session. The money is given to the winning player.

Playing Options for Online Poker

Video vs. Online Poker

The rules are similar. In online poker, a player can play 1 to 5 coins. the machine will give them 5 cards and players choose which one to hold and discard, the machine will then replace the discarded cards and will payout the player according to their hand. Video poker games are essentially 5-reel slot machines that give players better payouts depending on the hands that result from the 5 cards.

If you are looking to learn more visit our video poker guide.

Poker Rooms

online poker tournament played on laptop

These are websites you can go to and buy into a table with other players around the world and even enter poker tournaments.

Live Dealer Poker

Live poker is a great alternative to in-person poker. This is when a casino site brings in a real person to deal with cards in front of a camera. Many players enjoy the option of having live games and more and more online casinos are offering this playing option.

You will not be able to see another player per-se, but you will be able to see the dealer. The cards that are dealt with are assigned to the players in the room. The game will be played in real-time, for real cash.

Live dealer games are a good way for casino sites to gain legitimacy and overcome user objections about the randomness of cards that are dealt with.

Popular Poker Variants

three card poker online

  • Texas Hold’em
  • 3 Card
  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Caribbean Stud

There are so many different versions of poker out there, so players are sure to find something they like.

Finally, there are also online poker games out there that use a progressive jackpot, allowing the player to win life-changing amounts of real money.

Different forms of Online Poker Betting

Fixed Limit: The player chooses whether or not they will bet.

No-Limit: This type of poker allows each player to raise the bet amount to any amount during gameplay.

Pot-Limit: Players can raise more than the size of the total pot.

Online Poker Australia Frequently Asked Questions


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