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Social Media Marketing Packages for Small Business

Small business marketing is about generating leads as well as building trust and relationships with current and future customers. Successful social media marketing can drive brand recognition, increase awareness of your product and service range and help deliver new customers to your door.

35% of Australia’s population use social networking sites 5 or more times each day!

Is your business part of the discussion?

Further, purchases were made by 52% of people who researched businesses and/or products on social media.

It is clear that the demand exists in Australia for us to leverage social media for our business, the question we are often asked is – which social media sites should my small business be on? Plus, one of the most common concerns we have is the amount of time it takes to stay active on social media. Well, this is where we can help!

Affordable social media marketing for small business

Our social media support packages start with a free consultation to better understand your needs.  If you are stuck in the social media wilderness and would value time with an expert consultant, please get in touch today.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… the list is huge (and endless) but so is the potential for growing your business, expanding your customer base and engage with your current customers.

While some small businesses are now using social media to grow profits others are struggling to navigate the jungle and are making mistakes along the way – costing them time and money.  We are here to help.