Google Plus Versus Google Maps for Small Business Digital Marketing

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What is the Difference Between Google Plus and Google Maps and How Does it Help Your Small Business Digital Marketing? Confused about the difference between Google Plus and Google Maps? You are not alone. Small business owners that are used to Yellow Pages as the go to business directory are coming to realise that Google [...]

What is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

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What is Local Search Engine Optimisation? More and more web searchers are looking for local businesses and Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business stand out in search engine result pages. Why it is Important for Small Business? As a small business, if you are targeting a local geographic area for your customers [...]

Google Knowledge Graph – What Small Business Needs to Know

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Google’s Knowledge Graph - A simple guide for small business owners. Google Knowledge Graph has been around since 2012 but few business owners are aware of it. It is used by Google both behind-the-scenes (to help Google improve its search relevancy) and also to present boxes within its search results that provide direct answers.  (Try searching [...]

SEO Checklist for Small Business Search Engine Optimisation

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An SEO Checklist for Small Business Search Engine Optimisation Search engine optimisation to help get your small business website found. Understand the essentials of Search Engine Optimisation for your small business website with our 2015 Small Business SEO guide. Do you want your business website to rank well in Google search engine listings? Do yo [...]

What are keywords and why are they important for my small business website?

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When you start a web design process for your small business the first thing you should consider is keywords.   Why?  Because they are critical for your website to rank in search engines for search terms that potential customers are using to find you, your products or services.  What are keywords? Keywords are the words that [...]

How to get your website found: SEO Audit for Small Business

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Want to get your website ranking better in search engines?  Search engine optimisation is possibly the most cost effective online marketing technique.  Once you have invested in a website you want people that are searching for your product and services to find you.  That is where search engine optimisation (commonly called SEO) comes in. Ranking [...]

Search Engine Optimisation – How does a small business website get found?

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Search engine optimisation for small business Want your business to get found by it's customers?  Have heard you need a blog, you need to be on social media, you need to SEO (search engine optimise) your website pages and posts.  But how?  What are your customers (and Google) looking for?  How do I get from [...]