8 Elements of Effective Website Design

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Effective website design is not just about creating a beautiful site.   When you invest in a website for your business it is there 24hrs a day, 7 days a week representing your business. A visually engaging website is great, but you also want a functional website that let's your potential customers know they are in [...]

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How Is Your Website Strategy Going?

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A website strategy can be easily overlooked by small business but is an essential part of your marketing plan. When you are a small business it is easy to let some tasks lag behind, but an out of date web presence can de-value your website presence and be vulnerable to hacking.  Your web presence (including: website, [...]

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Your 4-Point Facebook Ad-Tracking Strategy for 2014

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Not too long ago, Facebook made some changes to its ad program. Its goal was to help businesses more effectively target their advertising campaigns and measure the results of their efforts. The updates, which enhanced the social network’s buying and reporting tools, let you use conversion tracking pixels to identify your goals and more effectively meet those [...]